Selected Papers will be published after editing in the Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy (an International Journal published by Springer on behalf of TMS, USA)

The best and selected presentations of each sessions and best 3 posters shall be awarded with cash prizes.
This will be decided by the expert committee.
  • The Authors who wish to publish their Papers/Posters in Proceedings of INCAL 2019 (both in Hard copy and in Pen drive) are requested to upload their full paper or Extended Abstract limiting to 10 pages.
  • Authors who wish to publish their Papers/Posters in the “Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy” post conference are requested to upload their Papers/Posters as per the Template provided.
  • In case of difficulty they can mail to: incal2019.papers@gmail.com by due date. Selected Papers after due editing will be published in the Journal.
For the Templates please click here –

Click here to Submit your Full Paper –

Instruction to Oral and Posters Presenters

  • a) Please note that 20 minutes time will be allowed for each oral presentation. This will include about 15-17 minutes for presentation and balance for discussion.
  • b) Accordingly prepare your Power Point Presentation slides and the same may be emailed to: incal2019.papers@gmail.com by 31st December’ 2018.
  • c) All presenters and Delegates need to be registered.
  • d) For Poster Presenters: Boards of size 4ftX3ft will be available to exhibit the posters. Please bring the poster materials for Pasting/bolting.
  • e) All presenters (oral and poster) may please send their short introduction (in 5-6 lines) and a passport size photograph for publication in the proceedings. This may be mailed to:incal2019.papers@gmail.com by 31st December’ 2018