About AAI

Aluminium Association of India (AAI) was founded in Bangalore in the year 1981 and registered under the Karnataka Society Registration Act 1960.

AAI has a membership of nearly 300, representing primary aluminium producers, secondary downstream aluminium product manufacturers and others associated with promoting the utilization of aluminium.

  1. AAI is a well-recognized organization and is supported by the Government of India through the Ministry of Mines
  2. AAI actively involves in the preparation of Pre-Budget recommendations to Govt. on Safeguard Duties.
  3. AAI actively participates in the preparation of Five Year Plans for Aluminium.
  4. AAI will consider a long term strategic planning for the global as well as domestic marketplace. AAI is in the process of conducting National Level Meetings on several topics such as: Downstream prospects, Energy and Conductor Sector prospects, Special alloys and Composites etc. to bring awareness of the larger areas of applications pertaining to aluminium.


To make Indian Aluminium Industry a competent Global player

To upgrade ,adopt world class technologies

To help improve quality of products and services


To extent the applications of aluminium and its alloys for domestic and industrial use.

To create a common forum for the aluminium industry and its constituents for evolving common policies.

To disseminate information on developments occurring in the aluminium industry, both in India and abroad.

To organize seminars, training courses, workshops,exhibitions concerning aluminium and related topics.

To increase the awareness of aluminium's role in the national economy.


AAI, over the past several years,has organized a number of highly successful programmes , International Conferences, National Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops on all aspects of aluminium and its technology, market and other related issues.

Since 1985 AAI has been Organizing a major International Conference on Aluminium- INCAL at regular intervals of 4 to 5years

Aluminium Association is a member of International Body of Aluminium Associations. All our programmes are participated in and supported by various overseas associations like European Aluminium Association (EAA), International Aluminium Institute (IAI), The Aluminium Association USA, Japan Aluminium Association, The Brazilian Aluminium Association (ABAL) etc.

It has always focused on the principal objective of increasing Aluminium production and consumption in the country by the way of promoting Aluminium in various application sectors like transport, power, packaging, building & infrastructure etc. AAI regularly holds Seminars, Round Tables, Workshops, National and International Conferences etc. to achieve this.

All the International Conferences commencing from 1985 hitherto organized by our association have enjoyed the patronage of the Ministry of Mines, the administrative ministry, Government of India. Details of the role of AAI are available in the website:



“ALUMINIUM IN INDIA” – Flagship journal of AAI, which has wide circulation amongst our member companies as well as to various R&D Organizations, Overseas Associations, Government of India Ministries, Educational Institutions and other agencies connected with Aluminium. In addition to members of AAI the journal is read and referred to by members of many Professional / Technical Associations, Research Institutions, Educational Institutions and others who carry out work on aluminium and its products.

The 37 years old Aluminium-In-India quarterly in-house journal of AAI contains featured techno-commercial articles focusing tremendous change in the aluminium industry scenario both in India and world over, from experts who have outstanding experience in the respective field, current and authentic data, technical information sourced nationally and internationally, act as a useful data bank. In addition to papers, the Journal includes selected news related to aluminium and aluminium industries, forthcoming events and list of papers published in the last four issues.


Membership of the Association is open to all producers of aluminium and its downstream products, researchers, teaching faculty, technologists and personnel from Institutions engaged in education, research, consultancy and management services. AAI has stringent and selective guidelines for admission of members.


Members of the Association are entitled to:

  • Receive such publications of the Association that are meant for circulation to members and its priced publications at concessional rates.
  • Use the Association’s website, library and such other facility intended for its members.
  • Elect and / or stand for election for the Association.

Services Offered:

  • Techno-Commercial and Statistical information to members and institutions.
  • Association’s publications like periodicals, news bulletins to the members.
  • General and Specific consultancy on aluminium, its products, processes, etc.
We value and understand the importance of cultivating relationships and expanding our horizons in new technology development and value addition to our members. Become a part of a diverse community, willing to share our horizons.

We solicit your participation in making the mission of AAI to develop Indian Aluminium Industry to be one of the global leaders under Hon’ble Prime Minister’s ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ programme for driving growth and development.